I am trying to use test out some code review tools to use in our
company and one of the tools that I came across is reviewboard.  It is
really a good tool and I would like to implement it at our site.  I
had one question related to posting already submitted change sets.

I am using on my client machine (windows)
WinXP SP2, Perforce (2008.2), Post-review (0.2beta1), GnuWin32Diff

Server (linux) is configured with
RH Linux, Perforce (2008.2), ReviewBoard 1.0, Django and other
required modules

I am looked at following url
Section of interest is "Posting Committed Code"

I was able to submit one changelist that was submitted to perforce by
just providing the changenum as input.  For example

%post-review 32 --server=
Review request #29 posted.

Now I was trying to post review for all changes on a branch, is this
I would prefer to post a range if possible.  I have tried following
commands but no luck.

%post-review --server= --revision-range=30:31
You must include a change set number

%post-review --server= \\depot\dev\dev
\tier1\SConscript (path to a file)
You must include a change set number

%post-review --server= --revision-range=//depot/dev/
You must include a change set number

%post-review --server= --revision-range=//depot/dev/
tier1/....@222,@246 tier1
Unable to access The
host path may be invalid
HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

Can someone please help?  I would like to work on a development branch
for couple of days and once I am done post reviews for all the
changelists on that branch.

Next step I am going to try to do is turn on debug information for
ReviewBoard. This is in the server logs. - - [10/Jul/2009:18:36:34 -0700] "POST /api/json/
reviewrequests/new/ HTTP/1.1" 500 105461 "-" "post-review/0.8"

Thanks for your help.

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