On an intranet setup, we have a server on which reviewboard is
installed and served using apache.
On another server we have an svn repository that can be accessed only
through https.

The problem is that when I add the repository providing necessary
login information for the repo, and try to add a new review request
through the web ui, the server ceases to respond.

When I went to check the reviewboard server I saw that the apache's
httpd.exe crashed. I checked it locally also, everytime I try to
create a new review request when the svn using https is defined,
apache server crashes.

Is there something I must do with apache configuration in order to
access the svn repo through https.


PS: I searched for old posts that could be related to this issue, but
failed to find one ( it could also be that i skipped a post, or failed
to understand and relate it to my situation :) ) So, sorry if this is
already discussed
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