In Review Board 1.0, there seems to be an issue which causes the "ship
it" count on a review request to not update correctly.  I think it
only manifests if e-mail notification is off.

Bellow is a patch which fixes the issue.


Index: reviewboard/reviews/models.py
--- reviewboard/reviews/models.py       (revision 2071)
+++ reviewboard/reviews/models.py       (working copy)
@@ -1064,11 +1064,11 @@

         # Update the last_updated timestamp on the review request.
         self.review_request.last_review_timestamp = self.timestamp
-        self.review_request.save()

         # Atomicly update the shipit_count
         if self.ship_it:
+        self.review_request.save()

     def delete(self):

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