Hi Chris,

I meant more that the configuration of the mail server may disallow e-mails
with certain conditions (using a person's e-mail as the From: address
without originating from their client, for instance). Some mail servers have
caused problems like this in the past, though I don't know the solution.

Have you had any luck in your tests with your own mail server?


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On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 1:35 AM, chris <ch...@thebayleys.net> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply Christian
> The mail server concerned is the company's central mail server and it
> cooperates well with 'Trac'  when trac is configured with no more than
> the server's ip:port
> When you say configured correctly do you mean that there is any greater
> requirement than smtp on 25 ?
> I have no administration over that server but I do have an exim instance
> that I could test against.
> Is there no logging at all of email activity/connections etc within the
> RB/django logging subsystems ?
> Thanks and Kind regards,
> Chris BAYLEY
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