Greetings, we are now using Reviewboard 1.0 for software development
by my team at work..

I would also like to add:

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 8:28 PM, gbjbaanb<> wrote:

> 4. LDAP support. I access active directory from a linux box, no
> problem with that except that the corporate AD doesn't allow anonymous
> reads. Most other sites I use from my linux server (eg wikipedia,
> mantis) allow you to set a ldap proxy user to connect with. That user
> then attempts to search for the user specified and logs you in. I
> couldn't see any option for this in the web UI, is it supported?

(An aside.. connects to OpenLDAP without a problem for authentication)

Another issue I've found..

The outgoing email doesn't seem to use the LDAP lookup parameter that
I've set (displayName)
but rather just uses the uid of the user. (I have the email server
setup as 'localhost' (port 25)
which is configured to relay to main mail gateway server.)

> Anyway, I'm going to play some more, thanks for all your hard work.

I concur.. thank you all.

Paul Schulz (

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