We'd like to create an automated process in RB where immediately after a
review submission:

    * We calculate the total changed lines, per file. ( We have internal
      guidelines that state a change set should not be larger than X
      lines, so this would be an easy way to check by how much the
      changeset deviates from recommendations.)
    * Existing review coverage of each file  (We pull this from our own
      internal application, which for each file stores the percentage of
      lines that have so far underwent review).
    * File bug history (in the future, we will track the bugs that have
      affected each file.

We'd like to post this to the review request as a comment so that
reviewers can have better "situational awareness".

What would be the best way to go about doing this? I seem to remember
that a new extension API was going to be available or is already
available that would make this easy?

Is there a way for me to have reviewboard PUSH for the generation of the
above stats?

If not, I can always write an external script that polls RB for new
reviews and as soon as it notices a new review request or an updated
diff, then it does the stats calculation?


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