Hi Joyjit,

Are you talking about comments that precede the actual diff in the
patch? This is a problem for git patches, and a bug 1229 is open for
it. I looked into the issue a bit and I think it can be resolved by
maintaining the extra info as part of the diff set. Right now, RB
splits the diff into separate file diffs which are then concatenated
together for downloading the full diff. I'm interested in this change,
so I'll look into modifying the code when I have a chance.


On Jul 29, 6:11 pm, joyjit <joy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> When one submits a patch file (in unified diff format), reviewboard
> seems to throw away the comments that are embedded in the patch file.
> This is not good.
> It would be nice to have reviewboard accept those comments and add it
> to the "Description" field.
> And it would also be nice for reviewboard to preserve the patch in its
> entirety when one chooses "Download Diff" from the web gui..
> Thanks
> Joyjit
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