I tried to get LDAP authentication working. Now reviewboard won't
authenticate using my other admin account (it could be that my admin
account name clashes with an account in LDAP, thus preventing the

In any case, I'd like tell ReviewBoard to NOT do LDAP authentication
anymore --- how do I do that? Or do I need to install a whole new RB

ALSO - and more importantly - finding information about this has been
difficult. I've set up LDAP authentication on several products
(Apache, JIRA, Deki wiki, Hudson, to name a few) - so I'm not a novice
in this arena. But I'm really having trouble giving ReviewBoard what
it wants here. My LDAP server is really an Active Directory, and I'm
running ReviewBoard on a Linux box (like all the systems mentioned

If there were better docs about this, with explanations about where
the settings really are, that would be much appreciated.


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