I had the same problem. I run mysql and changed this in DB. I don't
remember exact table names but it was easy to guess just by names, so
you can try just looking into DB.

On 5 авг, 23:23, Dan Morrow <dmor...@maned.com> wrote:
> I tried to get LDAP authentication working. Now reviewboard won't
> authenticate using my other admin account (it could be that my admin
> account name clashes with an account in LDAP, thus preventing the
> login).
> In any case, I'd like tell ReviewBoard to NOT do LDAP authentication
> anymore --- how do I do that? Or do I need to install a whole new RB
> site?
> ALSO - and more importantly - finding information about this has been
> difficult. I've set up LDAP authentication on several products
> (Apache, JIRA, Deki wiki, Hudson, to name a few) - so I'm not a novice
> in this arena. But I'm really having trouble giving ReviewBoard what
> it wants here. My LDAP server is really an Active Directory, and I'm
> running ReviewBoard on a Linux box (like all the systems mentioned
> above).
> If there were better docs about this, with explanations about where
> the settings really are, that would be much appreciated.
> -Dan.
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