I am having trouble submitting a review. What I get is:

D:\gcd\site>python d:\gcd\Python24\Scripts\post-review
--server=http://review/board/site/ d:\path\to\changed\file -d
>>> svn info
>>> repository info: Path: https://project.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/project, 
>>> Base path: /, Supports changesets: False
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff d:\path\to\changed\file
Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'diff', '--diff-cmd=diff',
['Index: D:/path/to/changed/file\n', '=========
==========================================================\n', 'diff:
Unknown option "-u"\n', 'Usage: diff [-befhHimnNrsw] [-c[n]] [-C n]
[-Dname] [-M mark] file1 file2\n', "svn: 'diff' returned 2\n"]

Running the svn diff command post-review is trying manually does
indeed return 2, but running "svn diff d:\path\to\changed\file" works


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