We use Perforce. Normally, we post reviews by change list. However,
while reading through the online documentation for post-review use
with Perforce, I noticed a section about "Posting Paths". The ability
to post a review on a range of revisions (say for file rev 10 to 15)
would be useful. The text read as follows.

"To post with a path, post-review should be run with one or more
standard Perforce depot path as a parameter, which may contain
revision information."

This was followed by some path examples. There wasn't a complete
command example showing how this would work. I have tried many
different command line forms, but none worked. I took a quick look at
the code inside of the post-review script, but I did not see anything
in the Perforce client code that would support such a function.

Has anyone used this function under Perforce? If so, could you provide
some examples of what the command would look like?

Many thanks to the Review Board team for a really great tool.
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