Update: reloading httpd fixes some of the issues, and re-applying the
upgrade script (running rb-site upgrade /www/...) made a lot of
difference. It now remembers the settings!

In fact, it remembers the settings too well.. this is probably the
problem - caching. I can update a few things, then try my ldap query
(with wiresharp running so I can see what it's trying to do:  tshark -
R "ip.addr==webserver ip addr" "tcp port 389" ) and often I re-entry
my username/password and nothing happens - no ldap query gets made.
Its almost as if the settings I can see say 'use ldap' but the
authentication is still using the standard auth... actually, I find I
can log in as either of the standard users I added when I first tested
so it doesn't seem like it is using LDAP at all even thought the page
says "log in with your standard username and password".

Its driving me potty, and it has been working - I have seen LDAP
queries in wireshark as I spelled the proxy username incorrectly.
correcting that stopped ldap from working ever since.
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