Hi Marek,

Have you tried the parent diff option? This is designed for
distributed version control and allows you to specify a base 'parent'
diff, based off of a known revision in  the remote repository on the
reviewboard server, and the main diff can then be based off of the
parent diff. There are some enhancements to git support in post-review
under review now that will hopefully make it more flexible.


On Aug 28, 8:30 am, Marek <slogt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> More in detail, what we do is:
> 1. Write some code
> 2. Do the commit
> 3. Post a review to a system
> 4. push
> 5. Go to 1.
> and it works!
> but if we do:
> 1. Write some code
> 2. Do the commit
> 3. Post a review to a system
> 4. Go to 1
> Then posting review for the second time will show sth like "file not
> found in the repository". (both by post-review and via web).
> On 27 Sie, 12:16, Marek <slogt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > We are trying for a while now to introduce Board Review in our
> > company. We are using git.
> > We tried simple flow:
> > 1. git commit
> > 2. post-review
> > but it only works when we do the push after every single commit.
> > Doesn't make a lot of seans to us.
> > (It seem that board review requires one commit back version of your
> > files to apply the diff on)
> > The next step would be to do automated review requests anyway. This
> > first issue makes it impossible to work with simple git pre-commit
> > hooks. Is there any other way?
> > Is there any recommended way to use git with board review, ommiting
> > one-push-per-commit problem.
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