I've got 1.0.1 setup on my Ubuntu box, and seem to have trouble with
the email settings.

I've input all the TLS settings for gmail smtp using a email in our
hosted account, setup all the TLS and ports for it.

However, whenever we try to submit/publish a new review request, the
publish spinny just spins indefinitely.

For kicks, I tried to run the email code from the command line:

from reviewboard.reviews import email
from reviewboard.reviews.models import *
from django.contrib.auth.models import User #our admin user with a
valid email address
ReviewRequest.objects.all()[0], 'test email from command
line','m...@emaildomain.com', [], 'reviews/review_request_email.txt')

When I first ran it, it would fail because it would be trying to find
email login/server information from the django settings, which is
consistent with the EMAIL_* settings builtin to django (http://
docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/settings/#email-host) that the
standard email API will try to call.  Because those settings don't
exist in the settings, it tries to default use localhost smtp which is
not installed on the box.

What confuses me is why the settings I just set in the review admin is
completely ignored.

Seeking a workaround, I manually set all the django EMAIL_* settings
and the above command line code worked to send an email out.

Once the settings were manually set, I went back to the web interface
to try a new submit, but I got the same spinning Loading indicator
that spins indefinitely.

So far, we've never gotten a single review request submission ever to
email out from the web interface.  Any suggestions on how to get our
email alerts going out?

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