On 2009-09-09 15:15, Christian Hammond wrote:
> What version of post-review are you using?

Ah... that's a good question...

/me retries with 'rbtools/postreview.py'
/me feel embarrassed now :-)

(That said, maybe I wouldn't be using esoteric versions if someone would 
commit 804/1031 :P.)

> For the diff generation, you will need the latest nightly [...]

I don't know why uploading diffs isn't working... when I click 'upload', 
it thinks for a while and then leaves me where I was (at the 'pick diffs 
to upload' floating window).

The generated diffs from the old post-review I forget I was using are 
identical to those made by postreview.py in git HEAD except for 
abbreviation of the sha1sums.

> As for the mailing list, you can always use the Google Groups web UI for
> this -- http://groups.google.com/group/reviewboard

That's not NNTP :-). (IMO HTTP interfaces are even worse than mail. /me 
laments underappreciated NNTP which is still by far the best interface 
for discussion lists.)


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