So, before we used Review Board we used an internal (python based, similar to 
how p4review works) tool to do the following:

1 - Make a copy of the files in a changelist to a share
2 - Make a copy of the "baseline" version files to the same share
3 - Make a "wrapper" file specifying what the files were
4 - Send an email pointing at the files saying "I've proposed this change, can 
you review it?" to users specified by the code changer.
5 - Run Beyond Compare/Araxis Merge/etc. against the results (we had a python 
wrapper which would launch the tool for you)

With Review Board, 1-4 are working FAR better than we had before, and we also 
get :
6 - A website which records feedback on changes


We can't do #5.  With complicated changes and large number of files the Review 
Board page can be hard to navigate (not that I think there's anything Review 
Board can do about this: some changes are too complicated) and the diff might 
not show adequate info (now THIS is something I think we _can_ do something 

So I'd like to propose a feature Request: I'd like to be able to "attach" a 
.zip to a review request containing the entirety of the changed files.  This 
way I could click on "Download Diff" and get a .tar/.zip of the modified 
versions of the files which I could view in their entirety (instead of just the 
.diff files)

I realize this isn't trivial, but I thought I'd ask in case someone else 
thought it would be useful too :)


Dana Lacoste

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