On 2009-09-10 17:45, Dan Savilonis wrote:
>> That's not NNTP :-). (IMO HTTP interfaces are even worse than mail. /me
>> laments underappreciated NNTP which is still by far the best interface
>> for discussion lists.)
> Sounds like you'd be happiest in an IRC client.

Um... you are joking, right? IRC is not nearly so easy to follow history 
(total lack of threads => chaos) and doesn't lend itself to quote-reply 

As for different services, Google Groups doesn't appear to have a native 
NNTP interface (there is even a Google Answer explicitly stating that 
there isn't one), whereas gmane is very nearly the canonical NNTP 
gateway for FLOSS projects, carrying hundreds (maybe even thousands) of 
lists. Including vim-dev, which is also a Google Group :-).

> On the bright side, now that reviewboard is in git, you should have no
> trouble rebasing your patch until it gets accepted!

True :-). (Actually, the patch still applied cleanly, sans needing to 
type manually the name of the file to patch, since "post-review" is now 
named "postreview.py". Alas, Review Board didn't seem to like the 
resulting updated diff, so I made a new request, 1031.)


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