Thanks Matthew,

so, the post-review script will work as is in Red-Hat linux
Can some one post review from windows machine to GIT which is hosted
on linux machine?


On Sep 15, 4:25 pm, Matthew Woehlke <>
> On 2009-09-15 18:07, Kunjal wrote:
> > We already have RB integrated with Perforce and it is working cool.
> > Now, we have some developers working in GIT and we want to review that
> > code as well.
> > What are the steps developer should perform to get the diff and post
> > the review?
> Save yourself a whole lot of trouble and use post-review :-).
> Or to answer your question more literally, here are the steps:
> $ post-review -d # <other options>
> ...and you can omit -d if you don't want the noise of seeing what it is
> doing. (You'll also need to install RBTools once per machine, or else
> just snag and make sure everyone has a copy.)
> --
> Matthew
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