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On 2009-09-16 10:57, Kunjal wrote:
> so, the post-review script will work as is in Red-Hat linux
> environment?

If the Python deps are met, it should. In my environment I have a 
local-built copy of Python (with the needed modules, though I think it 
is just simplejson, so not actually "modules" plural), ensuring that I 
don't have problems with too-old Python or the like. It's built on RH3 
and as far as I know runs fine on RH3+ (though not sure if it would run 
on non-RH/Fedora systems).

If you are running RH5, you are probably fine. (Actually... if you are 
running RH3/RH4, I am pretty sure that didn't have git and so you must 
have built git locally anyway, so...)

> Can some one post review from windows machine to GIT which is hosted
> on linux machine?

Assuming you have git functional on the Windows machine, I think it 
should work. Obviously, you'll also need Python :-).


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