OK, that makes sense.

I was just hoping for a quicker solution to the "give me the whole file" 
problem ☺

I'll see what I can provide in the realm of support for coding that ☺


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Hi Dana,

We specifically avoid this for a few reasons.

1) It's much more efficient to store a diff in the database instead of a full 

2) We need both an original, unmodified file along with the patched file. This 
means that either we still need to do a server fetch, or we now need both files 
uploaded and stored in the database.

3) It actually limits us. By having the diff, future extensions to Review Board 
may be able to do things like track a patch's freshness (useful for contributed 
patches to open source projects) by periodically attempting to apply the patch 
to the latest version in a codebase. If we use full files, we can't build this 
kind of extensibility.

4) Review Board now needs to know how to generate every kind of diff we could 
possibly need for every revision control system when the user clicks Download 
Diff. We want to preserve the diffs uploaded. For example, A Git diff may 
contain some author and description information embedded in the diff. We can't 
reproduce this.

There's no reason today why we can't build the functionality to download the 
modified files. It's just a matter of looking up the list of files associated 
with a change and calling our existing function to grab the patched version of 
the file from the repository, then assemble them into a zip or something for 


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