On Friday 25 September 2009 21:38:35 Christian Hammond wrote:
> This is a standard diff, not an interdiff?

Yes, it's a standard diff.

One interesting thing is that for requests created prior to 1.0.3 the fragment 
expansion still seems to work (I just tried a couple of requests, though). 
Only for newly created requests the diff # gets created incorrectly. If I 
specify "diff/1" instead of "diff/0" in the URL I can correctly retrieve the 

What is even more interesting (but also confusing) is that the expansion 
magically started working for the request # 280 I mentioned in my original 
message (I just checked it via VPN from home to get the exact URL for the bug 
report). The diff # in the JavaScript source has changed to 1...

Any idea?


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