Dear all,

I have recently set up Review Board for my organization, and in the
process found what looks like a bug in group enumeration in the AD
authentication backend. I would like to submit a fix for the project's
configuration. When I try to create a new review request, an error
message "global name 'logging' is not defined" appears next to "diff"
on the new review request page when I click "create review request".
This is the patch that I attached:

diff --git a/reviewboard/accounts/ b/reviewboard/accounts/
index 59da9cc..c3a1ea4 100644
--- a/reviewboard/accounts/
+++ b/reviewboard/accounts/
@@ -231,7 +231,8 @@ class ActiveDirectoryBackend(object):
                 for group in new_groups:
                     if group in old_seen:
-                    group_data = self.search_ad(con, '(&
(objectClass=group)(saMAccountName=%s))' % group)
+                    # Search for groups with the specified DN. Use
the DN rather than sAMAccountName so that behavior is correct when the
values differ (e.g. if a "pre-Windows 2000" group name is set in AD).
+                    group_data = self.search_ad(con, '(&
(objectClass=group)(dn=%s))' % group)
                     seen.update(self.get_member_of(con, group_data,
seen=seen, depth=depth))
                 logging.warning('ActiveDirectory recursive group
check reached maximum recursion depth.')

Although the text "logging" is present in the diff, I don't believe
that this is relevant - removing "logging" from the diff does not
alter the error message.

I created the diff by running "git diff" in my local repository - am I
doing something wrong?

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