Hi Christian,

thanks for the feedback!  I guess, RB 1.1a identifying itself as  
"Review Board 1.0.3" is a clear indication that the combined setup  
doesn't work, correct?

> You may be able to tell Apache which version to use by prepending  
> the path to the particular Review Board .egg directory to the  
> PythonPath, but you'll have to manually change this for every  
> upgrade. And it may not work fully, due to pkg_resources lookups and  
> dependencies. I'm confident that in a future version, it will  
> absolutely not work correctly at all.
> Certainly, you don't want to use the same database on both versions,  
> as the schema is incompatible.

We took care of both, so it looks like running two versions  
concurrently isn't a good idea even now.

Another question: how do I tell RB in the repository configuration  
dialog that I want to set up access via ssh?



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