The problem was:
1. I compiled Python myself
2. I installed SQLite after Python
3. When I compiled Python, the build scripts didn't find sqlite so
they didn't make the modules
4. I didn't read the line at the end of "make" that shows which
modules couldn't be compiled

Protip: Make sure you compile sqlite before Python if you're doing the
same as me.

On Oct 23, 4:05 pm, David McCloskey <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get an installation running using sqlite and lighttpd
> without being root (as a test before I bother my company's sys
> admins).   I have installed python2.6 into a local directory, and I
> got rb-site actually running.  However, when I try to start it up, it
> says modules are missing.  It's my understanding that memcached is
> optional, and that Python 2.6 has sqlite installed within it.  So, how
> can required modules be missing?
> Here's what I'm running:
> rb-site -d install --db-type=sqlite3 --web-server-type=lighttpd --
> admin-user=xxx --admin-password=xxx --admin-email=xxx /users/mcclosdl/
> proj/reviewboard/www/review1
> * Welcome to the Review Board site installation wizard.
>     This will prepare a Review Board site installation in:
>     /users/mcclosdl/proj/reviewboard/www/review1
>     We need to know a few things before we can prepare your site for
>     installation. This will only take a few minutes.
> * Required modules are missing.
>     You are missing Python modules that are needed before the
>     installation process. You will need to install the necessary
>     modules and restart the install.
>     Server Cache (optional):
>         * memcached (cmemcache, memcache)
>     Databases (required):
>         * sqlite3 (pysqlite2, sqlite3)
>         * MySQL (MySQLdb)
>         * PostgreSQL (psycopg2)
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