I was thinking of creating a new enhancement request but though I'd ask here
in case there is a way to do what I want already.

We would like to have a way for someone to mark certain files in a diff to
not show up in the RB Diff Viewer. Consider a very large textual file needed
for a Unit Test. This file should not be reviewed unless the reviewer
explicitly wants to see the file.

We should have a way for the review requester to tag certain files as "not
reviewable". One way this could be done is via properties in SVN or CVS.
(I'm sure most others support properties.) Once RB determines that a file is
not to be shown in diff viewer, it can visually somehow indicate that the
particular file is not being shown.

One obvious answer may be to not upload the file for review in the first
place, but I would argue that it is important to upload everything. This
way, if a reviewer would like to do a more detailed analysis of the issue,
he/she can download the full diff, apply it and thus have the same code as
the requester.


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