I would like to request a review for a change to ReviewBoard and am
absorbing the two wiki pages:

I'm a noob to git, but I pulled down a git enlistment and can run a
dev server with my changes just fine.

"git diff --cached" shows my changes.

I set my git config reviewboard.url as follows:
  git config reviewboard.url http://reviews.reviewboard.org

The property takes fine ("get config -l" shows the value).

I then "post-review" from the directory of my changes (webapi), and I
get the following error:
"The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported
source code repository."

I am running post-review v0.8:
  post-review --version
  post-review-script.py 0.8
This looks to be the one installed following this step:

Any idea what my my malfunction is?

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