A user of KDE's reviewbord mentioned, that he has problem with bounce'd emails 
since Reviewboard uses the Reviewer's (Or Review creator's) address as Return-

> On a related note, I'm wondering whether messages created by Review
> Board should really have the reviewer's address as
> Return-path/envelope-from. AFAIK, mailman uses its own address
> instead so that it can detect bounces and disable the corresponding
> accounts automatically after a certain number of bounces.

He goes on:

> I have to admit that I don't know how the submitter chooses the audience
> for his review request. My understanding is that the submitter chooses
> a certain group, e.g. kdepim, and then everybody subscribed to this
> group gets a review request. If this understanding is correct then this
> is very similar to sending a review request to a mailing list. The
> submitter doesn't really care if some people subscribed to the mailing
> list have problems with their email account. Of course, he might want
> to be sure that a certain person gets the review request. Hmm. Not
> easy. :-)

I would agree with him, and he's not the only user that mentioned this. Is it 
worth to change the behaviour, so that the bounces go to the admin's adress or 
to an address owned by reviewboard?

Sorry if that has been discussed before.



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