Hi Chris,

Zitat von Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com>:

Not really sure what you mean by "without anything but a profile attached."
Do you mean any user not having a particular piece of data? if so, it would
depend on which field of data that would be.

I want to delete all users that are "incative" (the spam-accounts) which means, that they:

- Have nothing else but a User and a Profile object as related object in the DB (every user seems to have those two)

- Are not member of any review group (some users don't create reviews or comments and instead just want to read, my guess is, that they are at least in one review group)

Yesterday I played around with the shell (rb-site) and some django function calls (CollectedObjects())... I can upload the snippet as a starting point when I arrive at home (will be late today..)



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