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> Chris,
> We have RB working with Perforce.
> We also use GIT as version control system for some of our projects and
> we want to integrate RB with GIT.
> Few questions:
> 1. Can we use the same reviewboard database with GIT which we are
> using for Perforce?

Yes. Review Board is designed to work with as many repositories as you can
throw at it, of any types we support.

> 2. How to post review from GIT? Do I need to install RB_Tools etc? Any
> steps?

You can either use post-review (always recommended) or generate a diff using
git diff (you may need to pass --full-index to it, which post-review will do
for you).

In 1.0.x, you will need a local checkout of the git repository on the server
hosting Review Board, and this will need to stay constantly in sync. In
1.1.x, you'll be able to point to a remote gitweb/github/cgit/etc URL


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