Does anybody know the current state of getting Review Board to work
with Apache authentication?  I'm running Review Board with
Django 1.1.1 on Apache 2.2.

I found this post from a while back:

It makes it sound as though Apache authentication should be supported
in Review Board/Django by now, but I can't find mention of it

I tried setting a "Custom" Authentication Method to
django.contrib.auth.backends.RemoteUserBackend" (found here:
Hitting "Save" seemed to save the settings fine, and when I pull up
the login page I'm met with "Log in with your standard username and
password (There's no need to register a new account. Your standard
username and password should work fine.)".  The problem is that I
can't actually login-- my Apache username and password do not work.
In addition, I can't log in under my existing Review Board admin
account (created on install, not related to Apache).

Do I also have to somehow create my Apache account in Review Board
before switching to the Custom Authentication Method?

Any help is appreciated :)

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