When running post-review to upload a perforce changelist to
reviewboard, I often encounter the error: "Error creating review
request: The repository path specified is not in the list of known
repositories (code 206)". On looking to post-review, I found the issue
to be in the code that determines repository_path:
           info = socket.gethostbyaddr(hostname)
           repository_path = "%s:%s" % (info[0], port)

while the hostname is 'perforce04',
info has the following value:
...('perforce04', ['perforce', 'perforce01']. ['']).
Subsequent calls to gethostbyaddr roundrobin the list
...('perforce01', ['perforce04', 'perforce']. [''])
...('perforce', ['perforce01', 'perforce04']. [''])
...('perforce04', ['perforce', 'perforce01']. [''])

So each time the repository changes. And since I have set the
repository on reviewboard to be perforce04, every time the
repository_path is perforce or perforce01, it gives the above error.

what is the significance of repostitory in reviewboard?
Can I add all 3 of perforce server aliases in reviewboard as
respositories? if yes, what happens if subsequent upload of diffs for
the same changelist result in different respository_path. Will that
cause an issue?


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