Hi all,

I've successfully set up reviewboard 1.1 alpha 1 on a Windows 2003
server with SVN.
However, i'd like to automate reviews on every commit (as it is stated
in the documentation (http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/1.0/users/

I created a post-commit hook as it is in the documentation:

post-review --username=SPECIAL_USER --password=PASSWORD --submit-
(SPECIAL_USER has been created in reviewboard, ANOTHER_USER exists)

The OS-user running the post-review has all necessary rights (Manually
through the command line,
a review can be submitted with this user). But, the reviews are not
auto-post on commits.

- I do not see any errors in neither SVN server logs, neither Apache
server logs
- Am I forgetting something here?
- How does the post-review hook know which revision to use for the

Any help is appreciated!


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