Where is this Eclipse and/or IDEA plugin?
I searched the reviewboard and rbtools git repo and didn't see
I do see the review though:
But browsing git I can't find that path.

Is there a VS plugin took? [or in the works?]


On Nov 16, 8:23 am, "Bickford, Mark" <mark_bickf...@wrightexpress.com>
> Hi,
> We're just starting to implement ReviewBoard, and I have some questions
> about the Eclipse plugin.  I'll be upfront in saying that I have very
> little experience with Eclipse (preferring to use IDEA), but some of our
> developers use Eclipse and I need to be able to support them.  I am able
> to bring up the Reviewboard view in Mylyn, see outstanding reviews and
> create a new task; that, in turn, creates an empty review request in RB.
> So far, so good.  Now, my questions are this:
> 1.      When I create a new task, I am offered a dialog in which I can
> choose a Subversion repository and enter a revision number.  Is
> including a revision number the way to upload a diff through the plugin,
> and if so, is it the only way?
> 2.      Does the plugin have the ability to create a diff from the
> changed files in the currently-open project, and automatically post it
> when I create the task (i.e., a pre-commit workflow)?
> I've had good luck so far with the IDEA plugin someone created, which
> exposes most of the post-commit.exe functionality and also ties in well
> with the IDEA VCS API.  I am just wondering if the Eclipse plugin has
> the same abilities.
> Thanks,
> Mark H. Bickford
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