Christian Hammond wrote:
> You should use post-review to submit code changes for Review Board and 
> RBTools.
> If you do need to do it by hand for some reason, you must pass 
> --full-index to git diff.

I've a seen a few others not know the magic git incantation to generate 
diffs (if not using postreview), and until I saw it posted I didn't know 
it either. One idea for dealing with that would be to add a new 
(optional) attribute to repositories; a plain text diff description 
field. This could be implemented in the SCMTool __init__ method that 
could document the expected scm command line to generate diffs. When the 
web pase new review is used this field could be displayed (if it is not 

It _may_ also be worth having a user editable description field for when 
the admin adds the repository to the ReviewBoard server.

Comments? Presumably this would be a 1.1+ feature. I could think I would 
be able to implement the 1st fairly idea.


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