I've a report from _some_ users that they are seeing multiple emails 
being sent from Reviewboard.

The scenario is this:

   1. postreview used to create/publish new review
   2. review comments posted by reviewer, "this code sucks change it... etc"
   3. postreview used to post new diffs, post review _may_ be passing in
      the same description and testing content
   4. ?
   5. Review is published
   6. Reviewboard mails out original diffs but marks the "Change
      Description" and "Testing" sections are marked as "(updated)"
      (although the section text is the same in the email)
   7. Reviewboard mails new diffs

I'm a little hazy on steps 3 and 4, I believe step 5 is via the web 
site. I've implemented a debug version of postreview to get to the 
bottom of exactly what is done client side (essentially a hard coded 
DEBUG=True). At this stage I'm inclined to believe this is NOT a 
Reviewboard issue but I wanted  to see if anyone else was seeing this 



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