On 11/19/2009 06:31 PM, Bickford, Mark wrote:
> I do have an additional question from one of our developers regarding
> the use of this plugin, that I would appreciate some feedback on when
> Markus is able to provide it.

I'm here...

> Also, my original question regarding
> creating a review request and uploading the diff from within Eclipse
> remains open.

The problem with this is that this operation depends on the specific
Eclipse VCS plugin. I'm working on an integration with Subclipse
(documentation is not that good unfortunally) and I also will creating
something for EGit when it finally supports the diff operation, but for
other VCS plugins I will probably rely on community contributions.

> Quoting our developer:
> I got this thing installed, configured and can see the review requests
> happily in my task list in Eclipse. I can even open the review requests
> in Eclipse. But one thing is missing: I should be able to “Activate” the
> review request so that it downloads the diff, applies it and I can view
> it in the Editor. But this is not working at all.

Applying diffs is currently not implemented. But I'm working on it on a
private branch.

> I should be able to right-click and “Activate” any of the reviews, which
> should (by my understanding…) bring down the diff, apply it and load the
> affected files in the editor.

Not sure that this semantic is the best. Maybe if the review request is
marked with "Ship it!"...

Best regards,

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