Christian Hammond wrote:
> I don't know off-hand what we're going to set it to. We're thinking 
> about it, and suggestions are welcome. Here's where it gets tricky... 
> We're running up to maximum field lengths for the change info, and 
> that's a combination of multiple fields, including Description and 
> Testing Done. So we need to make sure that we can stuff the max of 
> both those fields, plus other change info (screenshots added, new 
> diffs, etc.).
> The two possible solutions are to either 1) Make both Description and 
> Testing Done have a max of just under half the maximum field size for 
> the database with the smallest field restriction, or 2) Cut off the 
> text before putting it in the change description.
> Maybe a combination of those things, in case you have both Description 
> and Testing Done at max and have added a bunch of screenshots and 
> changed other fields.

Yikes more complicated than I thought :-( I guess in Reviewboard 3000 
the model could be changed to deal with this :-)

For a naive solution how I about polling this mailing list for user 
input, and provide some Django manage shell scripts to get the max (and 
maybe mean, mod, median) lengths for Description and Testing fields? For 
example without checking, I'd guess that most of the reviews in my 
system have larger Description text than Testing done (most testing is 
regression test and/or a new regression test addition so the text here 
tends to be short). So armed with proof I might ask for say, 80/20 ratio 
for Description /Testing length.

This way you get some real world numbers on lengths before you make the 

I'm lucky I've not seen this limit yet!


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