Hi Christian,

Is this hosted on a Windows or Linux install?
- Its hosted on a Ubuntu m/c.

What happens if you check out that repo on the same box?
The repository is on a remote m/c which is accessed over VPN,
I dont wont to have a local copy of the repository !

Did it ever prompt you for confirmation on the host key?
Yes, it did I accepted the confirmation but after that it lead to
Error : "A repository was not found at the specified path."

I'm able to connect to the same repository to the same path
thr' the command prompt/terminal

Also, the reviewboard logs i have configured for "Allow code
profiling" option
but there are no logs for the failure, I do see logs for the
successful authentication

I'm stuck now, we have a couple project repositories which we wanted
to use the tool
with most of them use SVN i.e. svn+ssh access !!

Appreciate your help in advance !!

- Pankaj

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