On Wednesday 02 December 2009 02:18:17 Kunjal wrote:
> We are on verge of rolling out RB 1.0.5 to 300+ developers.
> Some of our developers use IE and some of them use FireFox.
> Does RB 1.0.5 work with both browser seamless?
> During my testing I did not find the difference but I might have
> missed something.

There is one noticeable difference: For IE, lines do not wrap for diffs wider 
than your screen. Firefox wraps those lines. At least that's my observation. I 
do, however, run a couple of extensions, which may have an influence on this 
behavior. I like the wrapped lines better, but that's just my personal 

IE6 tends to freeze when executing RB's JavaScript from time to time.

> Pl. let me know if there is any preference of browser we should
> enforce to our developers.

You might want to ask your developers what they prefer instead of enforcing 


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