On Wednesday 02 December 2009 22:08:26 Chris Clark wrote:
> Modifying the registry and then restoring is not a great idea. I can see
> why you are doing it but I'd encourage you to NOT do this. There is a
> potential here for a background web app to fail (e.g. web browser based
> IM tool).

Not only that, but there is an ugly race condition hidden in that pattern: 
Start post-review twice in parallel and you might end up with no configured 
proxy if you have the following execution order:

Instance 1                    Instance 2
----------                    ----------
p := read setting
disable proxy
                              p2 := read setting
                              disable proxy
set proxy <- p
                              set proxy <- p2

I fixed the issue for my installation using the approach suggested by Chris in 
<1eb5631b0911241645m59efcbe0i6c5de6c600313...@mail.gmail.com>, which works 
like a charm.


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