We have now set up production server which will released in few days.
During my final testing I found that when I post review, I can not
post the diff. Looks like RB-Perforce integration issue.
I read few blogs and you said that P4 should be in web server's path.
However, I check httpd.conf and I do not see any P4 specific
Where else I can debug?

Here is the error...

>>> Uploading diff
>>> HTTP POSTing to
ff/new/: {}


kapar...@ltsdo-kaparikh ~
$ post-review.cygwin 250188 -d

This tool looks at the given Pending-CL# & posts it for review.
[Version: 200911

>>> Repository info 'Path:, Base path: None, Sup
ports changesets: True'
>>> Generating diff for changenum 250188
>>> status is pending
>>> Lines are: ['//depot/Sources/Integration/Automation_Scripts/1DDR_Test_Reques
t_Script/ - edit change 250188 (text) by
>>> Client LTSDO-KAPARIKH depot path //depot/Sources/Integration/Automation_Scri
>>> Writing "//depot/Sources/Integration/Automation_Scripts/1DDR_Test_Request_Sc
ript/" to "/cygdrive/c/Temp/tmpBiyySU"
>>> Old file: /cygdrive/c/Temp/tmpBiyySU New file c:/Perforce/Sources/Integratio
>>> Attempting to create review request for 250188
repository path
>>> HTTP POSTing to
: {'repository_path': '', 'changenum':
>>> Review request already exists. Updating it...
>>> HTTP POSTing to
date_from_changenum/: {}
>>> Review request created
>>> --- c:\Perforce\Sources\Integration\Automation_Scripts\1DDR_Test_Request_Scr
ipt\ //depot/Sources/Integration/Automation_Scripts/
+++ c:\Perforce\Sources\Integration\Automation_Scripts
\1DDR_Test_Request_Script\     2009-12-08 10:23:30
@@ -12,6 +12,20 @@
 use MIME::Lite;
 use CGI qw/:standard/;
 use File::Basename;

+#Script Name:
+#Usage:The script is used to get list of zip files from the latest CL
+#from the path "\\\\brcm-irv\\dfs\\projects\\mcsi_2ddr\\programname"
+#and send the mail notification for the 1DDR Test Request.
+#Arguments: The script takes one argument which is the
+#Branch/Program name/SDB name.

+#use warnings;
+#use strict;
+use MIME::Lite;
+use CGI qw/:standard/;
+use File::Basename;

 use Data::Dumper;

>>> Uploading diff
>>> HTTP POSTing to
ff/new/: {}

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