I believe I have setup JCC and pylucene correctly - I built from
scratch and after I figured out I needed to manually tweak the files
for both - things went smoothly.

My setup:
  * ReviewBoard 1.0
  * VirtualBox: 2.2.4
  * Guest OS: Ubuntu 8.10 Server
  * Python: 2.5
  * MySQL:  5.x
  * Web Server: Apache2

I downloaded PyLucene 2.9.1-1.

I enabled search in the Administrator and then figured out the search
index directory. I manually
ran an index:  rb-site manage /path/to/site index -- --full

and it appears that something was created :)  so I'm assuming that is

But if I search for something - it just hangs forever and the site
eventually becomes unresponsive and I have to restart Apache.

Any ideas where to look?


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