Problem has resoluted now. Because the apache-modpython.conf had set
HTTP port as 80; But I am not sysetm "root" so I had used Apache
listening prot as 8080. I changed to this port number in apache-
modpython.conf then the login web can be accessed.

On 12月10日, 下午3时25分, JohnHenry <> wrote:
> Hi, all;
>     I had asked a question about RB install without Linux "root"
> permission. Now I had finished the installation of MySQL and rb-site,
> After these I should make configuration to the site. There is no
> "sites-abailable" forder and so I had to write in apache httpd.conf:
> Include /home/myLinux/Apache_Home/conf/extra/apache-modpython.conf
> Before that I had copyed the apache-modepython.conf to extra
> dictionary.
> Then I restart the Apache. But I still can't access the Review Board;
> Why?
>    And another problem is how to make my "domain" setting during rb-
> site install come into use?
> Best Regards!

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