Oh, I see, Thank you. And I have another problem. I think the post-
review is good tool because it need no hand generated diff file. But I
had installed the post-review on my Windows machine as client and I
want to use it to link both RB server on a Linux machine and CVS
server on another Linux machine, Then How to edit my .reviewboardrc
file on the Windows machine I am using to reach that? In my
understanding, The post-review is working on the client so it requires
a direct link to CVS server to generate and fetch the diff file( and
then send the diff to RB server ), I don't quite catch the
Configuration of post-review. I can write in .reviewboardrc as
    ':pserver:myn...@': {
        'REVIEWBOARD_URL': '',
But the CVS server would need my password to login, Then how can I
login it.


On 12月11日, 上午11时21分, Scott Quesnelle <scott.quesne...@gmail.com>
> The idea is that a diff only contains the lines that have changed. RB
> contacts cvs and checks out the file(s) that are changed, and then applies
> the diff to thos files. This allows you to see the file before and after the
> proposed changed.
> All of this is independent of the actual commit to CVS. You can use any
> account which is able to access CVS and checkout the necessary files, the
> account doesn't have to have write permissions to CVS.
> Scott
> On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 10:07 PM, JohnHenry <qhlonl...@163.com> wrote:
> > Hi, all,
> >   I am now confused by the relationship between CVS and RB. RB has
> > provieded post-commit review, there is no direct relationship between
> > RB review and CVS submit. So it looks like that the review process and
> > CVS operation are independent. But why the RB need a repository
> > setting? Is the repository used by ReviewBoard the same repository we
> > do software project? and About the setting of RB repository. We are
> > using CVS, So Do we need a seperate user defined in CVS for RB use? Or
> > can I use one of the project developer's account as the RB repository
> > Path setting?
> >  Sorry for not enough knowledge about CVS.
> > Regards!
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