qhlonline wrote:
> 在2009-12-23,"Chris Clark" <chris.cl...@ingres.com> 写道:
> >
> >Try the --submit-as flag instead. e.g.:
> >
> >    post-review --submit-as=A myfile
> >    post-review --submit-as=B myfile
>     But We need that the loged user and the submiter to be the same 
> user. We are desiring detaied permission control on ReviewBoard, So 
> that if the loged user has no derect relation with one ReviewRequest, 
> He will never see it. So we should make judge whether the loged on 
> user is the submitter or reviewer of this reviewRequest. And use 
> --submit-as will make the judgement complex. Is there any other way to 
> fix this bug?

I don't completely understand the requirement as I thought a regular 
user can not impersonate another user (i.e. --submit-as is likely to 
require the authenticated user to be the same as the submitter).

As to "fixing the bug", IMHO this is a feature request rather than a 
bug. I know the Reviewboard team would like to have finer granularity of 
control as Christian as mentioned this a few times in this group but 
this is targeted at a later release. If this is important to you I would 
suggest starting to develop it yourself. One of the primary reasons I 
started using ReviewBoard was that the code was open and easy to grok.

Adding finer control isn't likely to be quick and easy but you may be 
able to hack in some of your requirements in a (private) fork of the 
project. The web site does go into some detail on starting a private dev 
environment: http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/codebase/dev/ however you 
would need to have some Python (, GIT, and Django) skills. If one is 
using a code review system one probably already has some programming 
skills so this is hopefully a case of picking up new skills rather than 
having to learn to program from scratch.

There is also a devs group that may be worth checking out, see 

Good luck!


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