I am trying to using ReviewBoard I use post-review tool to create 
review requests. I had first created a user account "John1" and give it the 
permission of "reviwes|review request| can submit as another user", Then I 
created another user "John3", The command is:
" post-review --username=John1 --password=John1Pass --submit-as=John3 
--target-people=rbroot --summary=NoSummary -p testfile.txt "
The execution of this command returns:
>>> repository info:...
>>> Looking for ‘ /’cookie in C:\Documents and 
>>> Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data 
>>> \.post-review-cookies.txt
>>> Loaded valid cookie -- no login required
>>> Attempting to create review request for None
>>> Submitting the review request as John3
>>> ....
>>> Review request created
>>> Attempting to set field 'target_people' to 'rbroot' for review request '103'
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>>  'rbroot'}
Error creating review request: You don't have permission for this (code 101)
Is it because I had not set the user John1 as "staff status"? Or is there any 
other reason?
Best Regards!


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