Another piece of information ....

I am using MySQL Server 5.1 but during rb-site install dialogue I was
only given the following option:

* What database type will you be using?

    You can type either the name or the number from the list below.

    (1) sqlite3

which I selected and it seemed to have installed successfully.

Is this not right?

On Jan 6, 3:43 pm, Sassan <> wrote:
> Another installation issue ...
> I am getting an HTTP 403 Forbidden message when openinghttp://localhost/
> which I thought was due to insufficient permissions but I could be
> wrong.
> I have already granted full access to "everyone" for "htdocs/media/
> uploaded" directory as well as the "db" directory but it is not
> working.
> I also tried creating a new user for the apache service thinking it
> may have difficulty with LocalSystem account under which the default
> installation was running.
> Does anyone have any suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> Sassan
> .
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