Excerpts from Christian Hammond's message of Sun Jan 10 03:18:17 +0530 2010:
> There are no plans to take the diff viewer and fully separate it out as an
> independent, reusable component, as it's a lot of work and increases our
> maintenance burden.

I see your rationale behind this. However my needs are quite simple - I
have a patch in the unified diff format which needs to be converted into
the side-by-side HTML view which shouldn't be too hard to implement from

I was hoping someone could merely point me at where to look at the
relatively large ReviewBoard codebase which I am using only as

I looked in the diffviewer app, but that seems to be rather large and
daunting. Most other implementations seem to be quite inferior to
ReviewBoard's implementation of the same. Python's difflib's HTML table
generator is enough for my needs, but unfortunately, I couldn't find a
good enough way to convert unified diff to the difflib object structure.

Again, any pointers on where to start looking at the code would be

Thank you,

Senior Undergraduate student, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

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