I have just started using this tool - I am very impressed.
I had previously written my own tool that was built on top of
Telelogic Synergy and wanted a review tool when a change in employer
resulted in a change in SCM system (SVN)

I have a number of questions:
1. Is there anyone who can help me with the necessary changes to get a
column added to the dashboard that shows the total number of people
asked to do a review.  Without this its very hard to know if X/Y
people have marked ship it.

2. As a developer I want as much stuff as possible to be automated.
Does anyone else see any value in getting review board to post the
changes to the repository?
What I mean is that the users all review the code and then the author
changes the status to 'submitted' - at this point review board could
apply the patches or change set to the repository.
If this works great, if it does not inform the user that further
rework is required.

I have no idea how hard this would be! But it means that developers
write code, get it reviewed, mark review as complete and changes are
posted.  Otherwise these is that danger period where you get code
reviewed, every one accepts and you then try to commit and fail.

Great tool, and I have high hopes of rolling this out to other
developers and teams!
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