At least for ClearCase, most places have a standard naming convention
for their views and/or config specs.

Either way all it takes is for the client to prompt for and pass two
view tags (strings) or config specs (small ascii files) in order for
the web server to start the "before" and "after" views of the change
locally on the server host and generate the diff... no file copy will
be needed.

This might be easier than dealing with verson extended pathnames.

Dealing with directory changes (moving files from one place to
another / renaming the files) is more difficult and we will need to
use the ClearCase Object ID strings instead of file path names.

On Jan 15, 5:51 pm, Chris Clark <> wrote:
> Thilo-Alexander Ginkel wrote:
> > On Friday 15 January 2010 23:20:32 Sassan wrote:
> >> I am also thinking it might be a good idea to add a repository
> >> independent base functionality to the post-review script where it is
> >> handed the root directory of two source trees, before and after the
> >> change and it will then just compare the files and post a review.
> >> This way anyone with any source repository can just create the before
> >> and after soure trees outside RB and pass the roots of the source
> >> trees to the post-review script for posting.
> > This won't work as Review Board needs to be able to access the respective 
> > SCM
> > repository from the server-side to apply the posted diff to the base 
> > revision.
> For the server this is true. RE the 
> client, of does this. It allows any
> diff to be sent to reviewboard .... but it had better be a valid diff :-)
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